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  • A Powerful Alliance: Selene Annapolis and Luke Brown Yachts

    A Powerful Alliance for Buyers and Sellers of Selenes and other Quality Yachts

    Selene Annapolis Yachts is the longest serving Selene dealer in the world. After 11 years of success it is joining the widely respected Luke Brown Yachts organization, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale. Luke Brown is already the US Southeast Selene dealer. 

    The combined organization will even more effectively serve clients and prospects for new and used Selenes from New York thru the Gulf Coast and inland waters connected thereto. And we will actively represent Selene owners in our expanded brokerage.

    Here is why this is important to you as a future buyer or seller:

    The Luke Brown organization brings more than two dozen brokers working out of six offices representing buyers and sellers of quality yachts worldwide.

    For all of you thinking of buying or selling your yacht, Selene or otherwise, the leverage is phenomenal. Let us work with you to capitalize on this leverage to find the right yacht for you, or to sell your Selene or other quality yacht fairly and efficiently.

    Our presence will be felt in nearly 50 MLS organizations, in dozens of boating magazines, in boat shows, and on the website-on-steroids about to launch under the Luke Brown banner, with Selenes featured on its own page within.

    A few logistics

    For a while, the Selene Annapolis site will still be up but in time visitors will be linked to the new Luke Brown website and its own Selene landing page.

    For email, I am reachable both at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and also at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    I will be continuing to promote Selenes to my database of owners and prospects while it is being integrated into the Luke Brown database. More later as steps are taken to integrate our enterprises in a way that is smooth, non-disruptive, and supportive of all our owner and prospective owner friends.

    Finally, a couple of thoughts . . .

    This time of year often seems to inspire some thoughts of turning a proverbial page, so to speak. For some boat owners, that can mean that it might be time to think about a new boat, a different boat, or no boat at all.

    Should your thinking turn to selling your Selene or other quality yacht, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the value of our services. These range from marketing your yacht to managing the negotiations, the surveys/sea trials, and the transaction.

    You may find these Tips for Selling to be helpful. In addition you may find this list of the most common survey issues  to be helpful, too. Even if you're not in sell mode it is a good checklist  to use going around your own yacht to keep things in good shape.

    Should your thinking lean toward purchasing a Selene or other fine yacht, well that's our business too! We can be of value to you in your process. Whether it is one of our listings or one of another brokerage, as your Buyer's Broker we bring expertise and knowledge. Think about it, we do this every day, you are doing it once every several years. We really can help.

    As far as new boats are concerned, we stand ready to work with you on the design, build, and delivery of a new Selene. Our Process describes how this partnership works. Luke Brown is also the dealer for Nordic Tugs, Offshore Yachts, and Huckins. We will be responsive to your inquiries.

Full and Semi Displacement Hulls

A Full Displacement hull is the theoretically purest of designs meant to travel efficiently through water by gently displacing the liquid in which it floats. Importantly, the chines of true displacement hulls are rounded the entire length of the vessel. This roundness offers little resistance to forces which is critical to its efficiency. However, forces intent on inducing roll, whether under way or at anchor, can have their way. In following seas, they handle well. Krogen and Nordhavn brands are examples of this design.

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