MMS is a comprehensive maintenance and spare parts management solution that helps owners optimize the safety, availability, performance, and value of their yacht. MMS is designed for self-reliant owners and operators that intend to use their yachts for extended coastal and offshore cruising.


BenefitsKey Features
MMS users enjoy the following significant benefits:
  • Improved reliability through proper maintenance

  • Voyage continuity with onboard spare parts

  • Enhanced maintenance planning and management

  • Simplified warranty claims

  • Complete maintenance record supports resale value

  • Efficient outfitting when preparing to cruise, and

  • Higher retained value.

  • Easy-to-use web interface

  • Master Equipment List

  • Spare Parts Database

  • Online Documentation

  • Manufacturers Contact Database

  • Recommended Maintenance

  • Maintenance Planning/

  • Maintenance History

  • Warranty Management

Selene owners using MMS will cruise with confidence knowing they have the information to assure their yacht is maintained to the highest standards. Proper yacht maintenance is assured through detailed recommended maintenance task alerts and referenced service parts. And should underway repairs be required, MMS provides online technical documentation, repair parts, and manufacturer contact information to keep you cruising when others might be laid up in the boat yard.

MMS/Complete is a turn-key maintenance management and spare parts solution tailored for a specific Selene, and includes:

  • Yacht Specifications

  • All Marine Systems (Engineering, Safety, and Electronics)

  • Major/Minor Equipment by make, model, S/N, and warranty status

  • Spare Parts Recommendations for Coastal and Offshore Cruising, including part name, make, and part number

  • Maintenance Recommendations including task description, schedule, procedure, special tools, and required parts

  • Online Documentation for major equipment (based on availability)

  • One year subscription to MMS, including training, technical support and all software updates
MMS/Complete is offered as a standard on Selene Ocean Trawlers delivered by Selene Annapolis Yachts. MMS is delivered at commissioning, allowing you to outfit your new Selene for the type of cruising you are planning, and to maintain it to the highest standards of safety, reliability, and performance.

About SeaKits, Inc.
The developer of the Marine Maintenance System, SeaKits was founded by a former US Navy submarine sailor and master mariner. Its mission is to help our customers Cruise with Confidence. More information is available at