The second to make it's maiden voyage a straight shot from Hong Kong to Singapore!

Luzerne, Selene 5916, became the second Selene 59 in six months to be delivered on her own bottom from Hong Kong to Singapore. The performance was both flawless and impressive.

A crew of five including the owner, his partner, Selene dealer C.K. Sum, and two captains ran non-stop for seven days covering over 1,500 nautical miles at an average speed of 9.5 kts at 1,800 rpm and burning just a little over one gallon per mile. The yacht is powered by twin John Deere 6068 SFM 50 engines rated at 267 h.p.

The performance numbers confirmed detailed sea trial statistics independently collected by John Deere representatives during a series of sea trials during the final stages of commissioning in Hong Kong. During those trials, the total range of Luzerne was as much as 3,000 miles.

All systems were reported as working perfectly. The Wesmar stabilizers were put to the test and kept Luzerne steady during two days of poor weather. The Simrad autopilot ran the yacht for the entirety of the voyage and was both dependable and facile, even in poor conditions. Comments were made on how quiet the engines were, even in the salon right atop the engine room. There was plenty of water, even though the generator was run only occasionally for cooking and to make water. Otherwise the alternators on the engines kept all the battery banks topped up to run both DC and AC loads through the inverter. The owner was particularly happy with the efficiency Liebert refrigerator/freezer in the galley.

Last September, Selene 5902 also made the run from Hong Kong to Singapore. Her ride was a little more stressful – she weathered a typhoon with winds clocked at over 230 kph. In the case of Luzerne, the weather was excellent on five of the days – so much so that there was one 30-minute full stop for all to jump overboard and enjoy a brief swim.

The Selene 59 is proving to be the most rapidly accepted of all the Jet Tern yachts with over 25 delivered, under construction, or on order in only the first two years since announcement.

Congratulations to the new owner and to the Jet Tern team at the new Zhu-Hai shipyard for completing another well designed and built Selene Ocean Trawler.