The first "Next Generation" Selene 56 has been released from the mold, beautifully finished and completed with stringers, fuel tanks, and watertight bulkheads. Traveling to China in early December, Ian Morris and Chuck Wistar admired the latest breakthrough in the evolved Selene line.

The new mold, built from scratch, features the innovative Deep Hull and Cruiser Stern. The Deep Hull concept turns the chines toward the keel much deeper in the water, but the keel is not lowered. Maintaining the same draft as the first generation models, the Selene 56 features 6' headroom in the engine room, and much of that increased headroom carries aft thru the lazarette.


Fuel tanks are now built to the same capacity as the first generation, but because the ER is higher, the tanks can be built narrower yielding even more walk-around space in the ER. In addition, the engine stringers are built lower in the hull which translates to a flatter and more efficient drive angle - again some more efficiency. A molded prop tunnel on singles accommodates this nicely. On twins, molded skegs fully protect the running gear.

The Cruiser Stern rounds up the hull at the full extent of the molded swim platform. This results in both a longer LWL and a more efficient (~7-8%) flow through the water. Allowing for mechanical losses, this, as well as the flatter drive train angle, can reduce fuel concemption by 3-4%.

Delivery on the first hull is available in September, 2010. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.