Osmotic blistering is the nightmare of very fiberglass boat owner. Modern materials, such as vinylester resins as well as careful process control during layup have substantially reduced the incidence of osmotic blistering. However, the high cost of repairing osmotic blisters justifies extra diligence in protecting the hull.


Selene Trawlers are built using vinyl ester resins in the outer four layers of the hull for resistance to osmotic blistering. In addition, Jet Tern Marine, the builder of Selene Yachts is the only yards in China to receive ISO 9001 certification, which demonstrates a commitment to world-class process control and quality standards.

As a further protective measure, all Selene Trawlers come from the factory with International Paint's "Gelshield" two-part solventless epoxy barrier coat. Five coats are applied. Finally, three coats of Micron Extra anti-fouling bottom paint are applied.